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Join thousands of pet lovers calling on the government to protect our pets from dodgy pet food. You don't need to own a pet to add your name – all voices are welcome!

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Pets are getting sick and dying because of poor quality pet food in Australia. We need your help to fix a broken system. 

CHOICE has reported on multiple cases where pet food has made family cats and dogs sick or, in tragic cases, led to death. Recently in Victoria at least 23 pet dogs died and many more became ill due to unsafe pet food causing liver failure. 

A Senate inquiry made major recommendations in 2018 to fix pet food regulation so we can trust the food we buy for our cats and dogs. Years later, Australians are still waiting to see these recommendations implemented.

Currently, there are no laws governing pet food safety in Australia, only voluntary standards. There is no centralised and accessible way for the public to be informed about pet food recalls. And, most importantly, there is no regulator or government body with responsibility for overseeing rules about pet food and stepping in when industry fails to meet basic standards. 

Ensuring that pet food is safe for consumption by animals should not be voluntary.

We are calling on the government to introduce laws to create a mandatory industry standard for pet food. We know this task is complicated but other countries have stepped up to deal with this challenge. Japan has passed a specific law governing pet food safety standards, with the Ministry of Agriculture setting standards, checking quality and issuing fines where they find problems. In New Zealand the Ministry for Primary Industries oversees pet food standards and can act when there is an issue. There are a number of other international examples that show that Australia can do better on pet food safety. 

Please help us keep our pets safe by introducing new laws to create a mandatory standard for pet food safety.


Right now, there are no laws governing pet food safety in Australia. While the US, EU and New Zealand all have protections in place, Australia has become a dumping ground for poor quality pet food. Just recently, 23 dogs died and many more became ill in Victoria due to liver damage caused by unsafe pet food.

Back in 2018, over 30,000 CHOICE supporters like you called on Minister David Littleproud to implement a mandatory safety standard on pet food. This pressure worked and a special Senate enquiry made major recommendations to fix the dodgy pet food industry. We’re still waiting to see these recommendations become law, but the pressure is mounting. By adding your name to the open letter, we'll be able to show the Minister just how many people care about safer pet food and he'll be much more likely to act.

Once you sign on, your name will be added to our open letter and presented to key politicians. Your name won't be published on this website as we can't fit everyone here, but it will be crucial in helping convince politicians just how many people support safer pet food.

If you represent an organisation who would like to add your name to this campaign, please email us at [email protected]

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