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Sign the petition for fairer travel rights

People shouldn’t face uncertainty or be left out of pocket when their travel plans are cancelled or disrupted. Call on consumer affairs ministers to make a plan for stronger travel rights now.

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Weak consumer protections are leaving us in travel cancellation limbo

A CHOICE investigation has found that travellers are facing months of chaos and uncertainty when unexpected events disrupt their plans.

As lockdowns force us to delay or cancel travel, many Australians are being treated inconsistently and unfairly. But your rights shouldn’t be a lottery. 

We need clear rules for when things go wrong. And CHOICE’s investigation has found that overwhelmingly people want to see changes that make travel refunds easier to access. 

So we’re calling on the government to commit to fixing this cancellation chaos - and the more of us that come together the stronger our calls will be. With your help, we can deliver a thousands strong petition and keep fair travel in the spotlight.

Here's our plan for fairer travel:

Want to dive into the details? Check out the full report.

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CHOICE’s research has revealed that when COVID-19 hit many travelers encountered long delays and appalling customer service. 

Our survey found 53% of respondents waited 3 months or more for a resolution, with nearly a quarter waiting over 6 months. 

Consumers are still grappling with impractical limitations on travel vouchers and unfair solutions from companies to a problem they didn’t cause.

We need stronger and clearer consumer protections to help Australians have the confidence to book travel in the future.

We’re calling for the federal and state governments to implement: 

  • Easier travel refunds.

  • Minimum voucher/credit rights.

  • A mandatory industry code for all airlines and large travel providers.

  • A travel and tourism industry ombudsman.

  • A mandatory information standard at time of booking.

  • An ACCC market study into the travel and tourism sector.

  • A national travel restrictions website.

CHOICE invited people to tell us about their experiences of travel cancellations through an online survey from January to March 2021. We heard from over 4,400 Australians who had travel plans disrupted by COVID-19 and we’re sharing their experiences in a new report. 
The report provides a snapshot of the types of common issues raised by people in their responses. And it sets out our policy recommendations for getting Australians traveling again with confidence that they have clear rights when something goes wrong.
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