Have your say on shonky products, services or companies

We’ve all experienced instances where we think a business has done the wrong thing or acted unfairly towards us. We’re interested in what you think is unfair and what should be done about it. Take a moment to share your thoughts now.

Question 1:

When you think of 'unfair' business practices, which practices or businesses come to mind? (Optional)

Question 2:

How concerned are you about each of the following?

Question 3:

Do you have a personal experience of a business behaving unfairly? (Optional)

Question 4:

Right now, the Australian Consumer Law protects you when a business makes claims that are false or misleading, acts in a deceptive way or puts terms in contracts that cause a significant power imbalance.


Should the law be extended to protect you from other businesses practices that are considered to be unfair by society’s standards?

Question 5:

Which campaign activities would you participate in to help win better consumer protections?

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