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Budget Direct, ING and Virgin Money: Fix your dodgy fire definitions

Insurers shouldn’t be using confusing terms to define fire. Call on Budget Direct, ING and Virgin Money to implement fairer definitions for fire insurance now.

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Major insurers still failing Australians with confusing fire cover

If your home is lost or damaged by fire, you should be able to rely on your insurance to cover you. It’s what you’ve paid for. 

But Budget Direct, Virgin Money and ING are still failing Australians with confusing fire cover – all underwritten by Auto & General. Their confusing definitions could give them leverage to unfairly deny your claim. 

As many Australians grapple with difficult flood claims, the one certainty people can count on is that a flood means the same thing in every insurance policy, a change brought in following the 2010-2011 Queensland floods.

After the devastating Black Summer bushfires last year, seven major insurers changed their fire insurance policies to make them fairer. This only happened because 43,000 people made their voices heard.

Call on Budget Direct, Virgin Money and ING to fix their confusing fire cover now.

People power works

Over 43,000 people added their names calling for fairer fire cover during the Black Summer bushfires and seven major insurers have already improved their definitions. With only a few insurers yet to improve, let's demand they fix their fire insurance before the next bushfire season hits.

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