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Demand upfront funeral prices

Enter your details here, then click 'Next' to view or edit your email. If you live in NSW, we've already won upfront pricing there so there's no need to send an email!

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The CHOICE Shonky goes to... InvoCare

CHOICE has awarded funeral service provider InvoCare a dreaded Shonky award for failing to be transparent about its funeral prices everywhere except NSW (where the law requires it) and the ACT.

By not displaying itemised prices online, people aren't easily able to compare and choose options that best suit their needs during what is an extremely difficult and time-sensitive period. 

Together, we can make upfront funeral pricing the norm, not the exception. Send an email to your consumer affairs minister to ask for upfront funeral prices now.

UPDATE: The pressure is working! Since awarding the Shonky to InvoCare, the company has made a public commitment to display their price lists nationally. We’ve also heard from the WA Consumer Affairs Minister who agrees that funeral pricing rules are ‘appropriate and reasonable’ and will look into introducing them in WA. 

Shonkys 2020 winner

Hiding price lists to make it hard to compare funeral options? Now that's shonky. We welcome InvoCare into the Shonkys Hall of Shame.


Planning a funeral can be a stressful and confusing experience, especially when you have to make decisions quickly. Having transparent prices available online or in-store makes it possible for you to compare funeral service options quickly and easily before engaging in lengthy planning discussions. This puts you in control in planning your loved one’s funeral and makes it easier for you to choose options that will best honour their memory. Read more about why upfront funeral prices matter.

Your email will be sent directly to the consumer affairs minister of your state or territory. The minister will be able to see your name, postcode and email. This is so they know you're a real person and allows them to respond to your email. 
Thanks to community pressure, NSW has already implemented mandatory upfront funeral pricing. Well done, there's no need to send an email! Still want to make a difference? Why not share this campaign with your friends and family who live interstate? choice.com.au/upfrontfuneralprices 
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