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Tell your senators to support safe lending



The senators who represent you can stop this dangerous debt disaster. Use this form to send your senators a letter. Please note that this letter can’t be edited, but if you'd like to send a personalised email, please find the list of senators here.

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Save safe lending: Stop the #DebtDisaster 

Thousands of Australians have just signed our open letter calling on the government to save the safe lending laws that protect people from exploitative lending. Now it’s time to make sure federal senators – the politicians with the power to stop these dangerous changes – hear from you.

Use the form on this page to send an email to the senators who represent your state or territory telling them you support safe lending laws. (Unfortunately you can’t edit this form right now. If you’d like to send a personalised email, you can do this directly from your email).

In the midst of one of the worst recessions in Australia’s history, the government plans to axe safe lending laws. This will be bad for people and bad for the economy. Worse still, the plans go against the very first recommendation of the banking royal commission. It called for safe lending laws to be enforced, not dismantled. 

The royal commission uncovered shocking cases of banks giving aged pensioners 30-year mortgages, relying on fraudulent loan documents provided by car dealers, and paying thousands in kickbacks to loan ‘introducers’. We’ll see even more of this if banks and other lenders are not legally required to take care when lending.

Today’s open letter is making media headlines thanks to people like you. Now, let’s make sure it’s on the radar of all federal senators.


You might have already emailed your senator about these safe lending laws. If so, thank you! Another email from you now is still effective, especially while this story is in the news. 

Unfortunately a bug in our technology doesn’t allow you to edit this email. However, if you would like to write your senator a custom email about why you support safe lending laws, we definitely encourage this! You can find a full list of senators who represent your state or territory here

In a national open letter launched today, 125 organisations and 97 prominent Australians are urging senators to block proposed weakening of safe lending laws which protect consumers from aggressive lending by financial institutions. Supporters of the open letter include ACTU, ACOSS, Anglicare, and a range of religious, community, legal and family violence organisations from across Australia. Now everyday people are signing on to this letter too. You can add your name here. You can learn more about the campaign at debtdisaster.consumeraction.org.au

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