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Call on the Victorian Minister for Consumer Affairs to make price gouging illegal



You can send the email we've written below, or personalise it by adding why you support a law on price gouging.

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Email your Consumer Affairs Minister: Make price gouging illegal

Businesses shouldn’t be allowed to exploit people in times of crisis by unreasonably raising prices on essentials. Only a strong law against price gouging will ensure that everyone can access the things they need at a fair price.

Right now, the Victorian Consumer Affairs Minister Marlene Kairouz is weighing up what to do about price gouging. We know how important it is that the Minister’s office hears from as many people as possible about why change is needed here.

Email tips

We've drafted a pre-filled message you can use, or you can personalise your own. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Share why a law against price gouging matters to you and the people you love
  • Share any examples of price gouging you’ve seen
  • Remember to be polite!

Help end COVID-19 price gouging

We need to show the Consumer Affairs Minister how many of us want a law that ensures fair prices on essentials for everyone.


Right now, there are no clear laws across states and territories to stop price gouging in a crisis – and this needs to change.

Recently we’ve seen examples of items like hand sanitiser, toilet paper and cleaning products at huge markups that put these items out of the reach of everyday people.

During a crisis, our health and safety is critical. But when businesses and individual sellers excessively increase the price of essential items, this puts everyone at risk.

A crisis is not a time for profiteers to take advantage of the community.

These are some of the worst examples we've seen since the outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus:

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