Nominate a business for a Shiny

Have you seen a business behaving well? CHOICE wants to send a message that doing the right thing by consumers during a crisis is good for everyone. Now's your chance to recognise a business that has helped you or your community during the COVID-19 outbreak.



Introducing the 2020 CHOICE Shiny Awards

Many people know CHOICE best for calling out shonky businesses and practices, and unfortunately we’ve seen plenty of this during the COVID-19 outbreak. But before we get to the Shonkys later in the year, we want to recognise some of the good business behaviour we’ve seen in response to the current crisis. There’s no prize money and no gifts up for grabs – this is just a chance to say a public ‘thank you’ to the businesses who have gone above and beyond to help people at a difficult time.



How it works

Tell us about a business – local or national, big or small – that you've seen behaving well. What have they done to help their customers cope with the current crisis? Help us demonstrate that when businesses do the right thing by people it’s not only good for their community, but also good for them. Businesses will go in the running to win a “Shiny” award to recognise the support they’ve given the community.

Nominations have now closed. Stay tuned – we'll be announcing the winners from mid-June.