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Sign the petition to make banking fair

Australia’s banks and financial institutions:


I call on you to implement these five measures to ensure people are treated fairly throughout COVID-19.

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Australia's banks and financial institutions: it’s time to step up

COVID-19 has exposed how quickly our financial situations can change.

Australia’s major banks have made a good start by committing to some debt repayment relief, but these measures don’t go far enough to match the scale and urgency of a crisis like this.

Together, we can send the message that the banks must respond with empathy and fairness to show that they can be a responsible part of the COVID-19 response. To get through this together no company can sit this one out.

What are we calling for?

Join thousands of people calling on the banks to urgently implement these five crucial measures to help out anyone doing it tough throughout COVID-19:

What's the plan?

Investigate and expose lenders that treat people who are doing it tough unfairly

Work with lenders to improve their processes and measures to help people

Rank and compare lenders on their responses to COVID-19 to encourage good conduct and name and shame the worst examples

The sweeping changes to the financial industry following the banking royal commission only happened after thousands of us called for change and we didn’t stop until we got it. Let's do it again.

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