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Sign the petition for fairer insurance

Insurance companies shouldn’t be able to include unfair terms in their policies. Sign the petition for better protections against unfair insurance contracts now.

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Nobody wants shonky insurance

For an industry that sells peace of mind, unfair terms are pervasive throughout general insurance policies, like home and contents, car, pet and travel insurance. 

This can mean your claim is denied because your pet had an accident that wasn't covered by an extremely restrictive and unfair definition of an accident, or you suffered an injury after having an alcoholic drink on holiday.

You are protected from unfair terms in all other consumer contracts you sign. Proposed changes would see these protections extended to general insurance too. Add your voice to show your support for fairer insurance now.

Loreen from NSW spent about $20,000 on medical costs for her dogs but had her claim denied due to pre-existing injuries and not being able to show their medical histories. 


Contract terms are considered unfair under Australian law when the term causes a significant imbalance in the parties' contractual rights and obligations, the term is not reasonably necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the advantaged party and the term would cause it detriment if it were relied on.

We don't recommend any pet insurance policy due to their many restrictions and the lack of competition in the market.
There is a lack of competition in the pet insurance market so there is little incentive for insurance companies to provide better value. Although there are many brands, PetSure claims to be behind 90% of pet insurance brands including some of the biggest names like the RSPCA, AAMI and Kogan.

2019 Shonky Award Winner

The pet insurance industry picked up the award no industry wants to receive for including unfair terms in its contracts and selling worthless policies.

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