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Write to your State or Territory Health Minister

Fill in your details to send an email to the State or Territory Health Minister asking them to support fairer food labelling. You can edit your email on the next page.

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Support fairer food labelling

For years CHOICE supporters have been campaigning for a Health Star Rating system that works, and food labels that clearly identify added sugar. 

Now we have a real chance of getting some meaningful reforms over the line.

Together we can show Health Ministers we want a Health Star Rating system that:

  • is mandatory;
  • doesn’t let salty or sugary snacks receive a higher rating than they deserve;
  • is free from undue industry influence;

and added sugar labelling that:

  • clearly shows the amount of added sugars in the Nutrition Information Panel;
  • shows which names added sugar is hiding under (there are over 40 of them!);
  • displays teaspoons of sugar on sugar-sweetened beverages.


The Health Star Rating system helps people make informed, healthy choices about the packaged food and drinks they buy. Five years after Health Stars were first introduced in Australia, public health experts and consumer groups including CHOICE are calling for a number of crucial changes to improve the accuracy and usability of the Health Star Rating system. This includes ensuring that health stars appear on all packaged products, that Health Stars do not let sugary or salty snacks receive higher ratings than they deserve, and that the system is free from undue industry influence. 
We want people to be able to clearly identify how much sugar is in what they eat and drink so they can make healthier choices. At the moment it's impossible to know how many grams of added sugar are in the majority of packaged foods, so we're lobbying for changes to the way added sugars are labelled.
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Highlighting added sugar

Thanks to hundreds of supporters, we've been able to highlight where added sugar is hiding in our ingredients lists. Without clear labelling, it's difficult to tell how much added sugar is in our food. 

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