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Join the campaign for added sugar labelling

We need clear and simple added sugar labelling to make it easier to identify the amount of sugar in our food and drinks.

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Take action on added sugar

Food companies don't have to label the amount of added sugar in their products. This makes it nearly impossible to work out how much added sugar is in everyday food and drinks.

But this can all change. Health Ministers across Australia have agreed that labelling of sugar is an issue, and they'll be meeting to make a decision on potential new options ranging from the status quo to sugar warning labels.

With your help, we can show Ministers why we need added sugar labelling.

Send us your food labels

By showing Food Ministers where sugar is hiding, we can let them know that we need clearer, simpler added sugar labelling. Here's how you can help: 

  1. Grab a highlighter, pen or editing app on your smartphone.
  2. Find a packaged product in your fridge or pantry.
  3. Use the list below to identify any names for sugar that are lurking in the ingredients list
  4. Take a photo of your highlighted ingredients list
  5. Send your photo to along with the name of the product you used

Here are some examples we made:

Examples of the different ways food companies label added sugar.

How is added sugar labelled?

42 different names for added sugar.

What changes do we want?

We want people to be able to clearly identify the amount of added sugar in their food and drinks. The three main changes we want to see are:


Show the number of teaspoons of sugar in sugar-sweetened drinks.

Ingredients list

Make it easy to spot added sugar in the ingredients list.

Nutrition panel

Include added sugar in the nutrition information panel.

Download our report

End the sugar-coating: A CHOICE report into added sugar labelling in Australia

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