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Demand easier refunds for lemon cars

Sign the petition to call on major car companies like Mazda and Ford to treat you fairly with a 60-day refund policy for faulty new cars.

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Don't be taken for a ride

If your new car is defective, you should be offered a refund.

A new car is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your lifetime. But if you get stuck with a lemon, you’ll spend more time in the repair shop than you will on the road – even if you’ve only owned it for a few months.

Recently, car companies like Toyota have adopted a 60-day refund policy meaning that if you buy a new car and it doesn't work, you can easily obtain a refund.

However, most of our favourite car companies are stalling on our refund rights, with Nissan, Ford, Honda, Mazda and more making no promise they'll provide a refund if you get stuck with a lemon. If we make it loud and clear that people expect more from these car companies, they’ll have no choice but to step up their refund practices for dodgy cars.

We don't think it's fair that car companies can get away with behaviour that wouldn't hold in any other industry. That's why we're calling on the top 10 car makers to commit to this 60-day refund policy, so that if you get stuck with a lemon, your rights are protected. A 60-day refund policy for lemons should be the rule, not the exception.

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The 60-day refund policy says that you are entitled to a remedy of your choice (refund, replacement or repair) if your new vehicle experiences a defect within 60 days of collecting the vehicle that causes it to become immobile or no longer driveable. This also applies where there have been multiple unsuccessful attempts to repair your car.

The 60-day refund policy sets a bright line standard for car manufacturers to take your consumer rights seriously. With the 60-day policy in place, your consumer rights will be clearly spelt out for car dealers and manufacturers to comply with - there'll be no room for interpretation making it easier to get a remedy of your choice within those first months of ownership.

Yes. The Australian Consumer Law gives you the right to get a refund, replacement or repair if your car experiences a major failure or multiple failures due to a manufacturing defect within a reasonable time.

However, we've seen that in the new car market it's often difficult to get these remedies. That's why we’re asking the major car companies to adopt the 60-day refund policy as a simple way to acknowledge and commit to complying with the law.

Yes. The Australian Consumer Law gives you the right to a refund, replacement or repair if your new car experiences a major failure or multiple failures due to a manufacturing defect within a reasonable time (61 days or a few years, for example).

The problem arises when, as a new car owner, you can't access the remedy you want because the car dealer or manufacturer refuses a refund or replacement and only offers repairs. When you have no choice but to accept the remedy offered, this can lead to you getting caught in a cycle of repair. You shouldn't have to forfeit your time, money and energy waiting to get the product you paid for.

Read our advice on what to do if your new car turns out to be a lemon.

Any warranty offered by a car manufacturer, dealer or a third party exists in addition to your automatic rights under the Australian Consumer Law. That means that if your new car experiences a major failure or multiple failures within a reasonable time due to a manufacturing defect, you can reject the car and choose a remedy, such as a refund, replacement or repair, regardless of what the new car warranty says.

The 60-day policy clarifies your rights in a similar way to a new car warranty, so that if you get stuck with a lemon, you know what you’re entitled to.

At CHOICE, we want to see stronger consumer guarantees across all products and services in Australia, whether it's a washing machine, car or caravan.

Right now, however, there's an opportunity for us to make change in the new car industry. We've seen the ACCC crack down on car companies to ensure compliance with the Australian Consumer Law in recent years. We've also seen Toyota voluntarily lead the charge by adopting the 60-day refund policy. We believe that if we maintain the pressure on our favourite car companies, we can make sure your consumer rights are strengthened.

We recognise that lemon caravans are a big problem in Australia and we're aware of the problems that new caravan owners face when they buy a lemon caravan. We're still building a case on lemon caravans and will call on you in the future to share your story to enact change.

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