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We all need a home we can count on

Having a stable place to call home has a profound impact on our families, our children’s schooling, our connection to our local community, and our plans for retirement.

But we’ve heard from families across Australia who are struggling with the uncertainty and instability of renting. Many are living in homes that desperately need repairs, yet they're afraid to request them out of fear of a rent increase or being unfairly evicted. People are stressed about the emotional and financial costs of having to constantly uproot and find a new place to live.

It’s time we had a national conversation about renting

State and territory laws are piecemeal and offer different protections depending on where you live. We’re calling for fair and consistent rules that apply to everyone equally. That way, every Australian has the security they need to create homes, build lives and raise families.

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Debra's* story

"I’ve rented all my life and I’m 62. I can’t afford to buy, being on a disability pension. I long to be settled somewhere. [My] current landlord has ignored my maintenance requests for four months now. He won’t spend money unless it’s an absolute emergency." 

*Debra's name and image changed to protect her identity.

What we've found

In December 2018, CHOICE in partnership with National Shelter and the National Association of Tenant Organisations (NATO) released Disrupted, our second survey into the experiences of Australians who rent.

The survey found that:

  • 88% of people who rent are on contracts of a year or less, which means they're not certain on where they'll be living in 12 months' time.
  • Nearly 1 in 10 fear they’ll be forced to leave their home in the next 12 months.
  • 83% express concern about the stress caused by the effort needed to move.

Infographic of renting statistics in Australia.


We're calling for a coordinated national approach to renting to make renting less insecure, unaffordable and stressful for millions of Australians. It’s not enough to tinker around the edges of a shonky system. We can and should make renting better for everyone.

We need common sense reforms that will help families who rent have the security and peace of mind they need to make a home, such as allowing Gregory to install curtains in his home.

“Not allowed to hang my own curtains so it isn’t dark enough for me to sleep in the day when I’m on night shift” – Gregory, Queensland, 36

Real estate agents, developers and other big business lobby groups have long stood in the way of any conversation about reform, arguing that it will hurt ‘mum and dad investors’. The truth is high turnover rates and unhappy renters line their pockets. Real estate agents currently get rewarded if they churn through renters.

Good landlords and good renters actually have the same shared goal: a good home, for a fair price, that they can both count on. They want stability and security. Better rules around renting will benefit good landlords and good renters. No one who wants to do the right thing has anything to fear from a conversation about making renting better.

Updating the rules to improve renting benefits everyone.

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Disrupted: The Consumer Experience of Renting in Australia

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