Christina and her son - private health insurance case study.
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Support our calls for health insurance to be examined

The first step to fixing the system is to investigate what’s going wrong right now and find solutions that benefit all Australians. 

Join our campaign for an independent inquiry into private health insurance in Australia.

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Fairer health care

Our health system should empower and support us to live happy and healthy lives. 

But increasingly, thousands of us are feeling frustrated by high-cost, low-value and overly complex health insurance policies. CHOICE research finds the majority of us don’t feel like we get value from our health insurance and are hit with high costs when trying to use it. 

The health insurance industry needs fixing and to do this, an independent analysis is the first step to achieving the best possible outcome for Australians.

Help put this issue on the national agenda and support our calls for the government to examine health insurance in Australia.

Christina and her three sons - private health insurance case study

Christina, Adelaide

“Our doctor told us that there would be a gap fee of $3500 and our health fund told us part of the procedure was covered. But on the day before the surgery, the hospital called us and said eye surgery was excluded under my cover and we’d have to pay an additional $4000 on admission.”

Why people are frustrated with private health insurance in Australia

High costs

The average Australian spends $1806 on health insurance each year and many experience unexpected out-of-pocket costs.

Low value

CHOICE research finds that 70% of people believe that the policies they hold are average or poor value for money.


Health insurance is complex and confusing. The government's gold, silver, bronze and basic categories are unlikely to make things more simple.

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