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Tell Aldi to make unit prices clear and easy to read



You can write your own email to Aldi, or send the one we've written below.

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Aldi is shrinking unit pricing

Unit pricing only works if it’s clear and visible. But Aldi has taken a backwards step and reduced the size of its unit pricing, making it much more difficult to read.

If you think this new display of unit pricing isn’t clear, can you call on Aldi to make unit prices bigger and bolder?

An email to Aldi will show that these new labels do not help shoppers compare prices, and are especially challenging for people with low vision. If enough people send an email, Aldi will be forced to reconsider how unit prices are displayed on its price tags.

Example of new unit pricing at Aldi.

What do we mean by unit pricing?

Aldi's use of smaller unit pricing is a classic example of why we need better rules for supermarkets. Other problems you might have noticed include:

 Text is too hard to find

 Unit pricing isn’t displayed for a product

 Unit pricing information is incorrect

 Unit pricing isn’t consistent across tags

 Unit pricing information is obscured (i.e. hidden by another tag or special sign)

Examples of unit pricing in supermarkets.

Our experts compared the price of loose and pre-packed foods at Coles, Woolworths and Aldi supermarkets to see how much people could save by using unit pricing.

While the majority of shoppers believe loose fruit and vegetables are sold at a cheaper price than those that come in a packet, that’s not always the case.

We found that by using unit pricing to choose the cheapest food, our shoppers saved 20% at Aldi (on 6 items) and 19% on their grocery bills at Coles and Woolworths (on 28 and 30 items respectively). If one of these baskets represented a weekly shop, that makes for a saving of up to $1600 a year.

Read more about how CHOICE used unit pricing to save at the checkout.

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