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Get real on renting

Now is your time to vent.

Do you have a renting horror story? Have you put up with a home that's falling apart but can’t get repairs? Have you had to deal with a dodgy real estate agent or landlord?

We want to hear your experiences of renting a home in Australia. Your stories will help us shape our campaign to improve this consumer market.

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“I was given notice to leave as the owner said it wasn’t worth his while to have tenants as after five years I asked for some maintenance on the house (only one hot plate worked on stove, water tank leaked, bathroom flooded every time it rained).”

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“Numerous times asking for things to be fixed have resulted in inexplicable cancellations of lease, also in only two or three rental properties has anything ever been fixed.”

What we've found

In 2017, CHOICE partnered with National Shelter and the National Association of Tenant Organisations to conduct a national survey to hear the experiences and stories of Australians who rent. The survey found:

 83% of renters are not certain of where their home will be in 12 months' time

 75% of renters agree that competition amongst applicants for a rental property is fierce

 50% of renters are concerned about being ‘blacklisted’

 9% of renters have been evicted ‘without grounds’ at least once

 8% of renters are currently living in a property in need of urgent repairs

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