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Safe energy defaults

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Write to the Energy Minister to say thank you for introducing major changes to electricity pricing, and call for them to be implemented now.

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Reduce our power bills

The government has made a commitment to reducing energy costs by curtailing sneaky late payment fees and introducing better, fairer default energy offers. Safe default offers will have a hard-capped price, which will stop big energy companies from charging consumers on standing offers a loyalty tax.

These big wins come after months of campaigning, and thousands of calls from CHOICE supporters who have shared their stories and demanded urgent action on energy prices. We couldn’t achieve these big wins without your help.

The Energy Minister has shown a commitment to lowering energy prices, and with the right design, we know they could work. Now we need the regulator to make sure the design of these new rules will deliver fair, affordable energy prices.

The industry is fighting hard against this consumer-friendly policy, and we need your help to show the Energy Minister that we want these policies implemented as soon as possible. Write to the Energy Minister to say thank you for introducing these important changes, and call for them to be implemented now.


Energy is an essential service – we need it to stay happy and healthy. The trouble is, big energy companies are deliberately making energy contracts unfair so that people pay more. After month of campaigning, CHOICE supporters have had their voices heard - the Energy Minister has announced that major changes are on their way.

Now we need to make sure that industry voices won’t water down important policies that could effectively reduce our energy bills. 

Energy bills need to be fair for everyone. Electricity contracts are designed to penalise people when they can’t pay on time, or when they haven’t shopped around. Big energy companies are hurting households, which is why we need these new rules to make energy fairer for everyone.

The cost of late payment fees

If people pay their electricity bill just one day late they could end up paying 58% more on their bill, costing them hundreds of dollars in late fees.


Graphic illustration based on figures from an actual electricity bill.


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