Broken laptop – Join the fight for stronger refund rights.
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Sign the petition for stronger refund rights

When something breaks or doesn't work, you should get a refund easily.


Don't let businesses win – sign the petition to help us secure stronger consumer rights.

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Fight for stronger refund rights

When something breaks or doesn't work, you should get a refund.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way – but we have an opportunity to change this.

Right now, the government is looking at ways to make your refund rights stronger. We've made a submission supporting the strongest options based on hundreds of stories from CHOICE supporters. If these are made into law, you'll have more power to get a refund when something isn't right.

We think these reforms will stop a lot of the bad behaviour we see every day – businesses arguing 'the warranty has expired', 'you have to let us try to repair it again', or 'no refunds on sale items'.

What changes are we talking about?

1. The right to choose a refund, replacement or repair if anything goes wrong with a product in the first 30 days.

If the problem is ‘minor’, businesses currently get to choose what remedy to offer you. This change will make your rights much clearer, simpler and easier for you to access.

2. The right to a refund or replacement if you buy a car, or any other expensive product, that has any problem in the first six months of ownership.

So many people get stuck in cycles of repairs with expensive products that persistently experience problems. This reform will mean you can say no to the lemons.

3. Getting rid of useless extended warranties that offer no benefit. 

With this law change, businesses will have to tell you upfront how their warranties give you extra rights above and beyond the consumer law.

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What we're doing to help

We highlighted real stories from people like you who had to go to enormous lengths just to access their legal rights when a product failed.

Our submission to the Treasury includes these stories, and our recommendations to make the consumer law stronger, clearer and more useful for everyday Australians.

Download our submission

Clarifying, Simplifying and Modernising the Consumer Guarantees

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