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Support better energy offers

Email your State Energy Minister to tell them you support action on better, safer, fairer default energy offers.


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Better energy offers for everyone

Australian households are overpaying for energy – and most of the time, they don’t know it. Big energy companies rely on people staying on high-priced standing offers so that they can make a bigger profit.

When these offers were introduced, they were designed to protect people from price gouging by energy retailers. But these offers have become some of the most expensive. Because of this, one in eight households are overpaying by up to $832 a year!

We've has been calling for better energy offers with a regulated price and the ACCC has echoed our call. The Federal Government has announced their support for new default energy offers with a fairer price, but they still have to get this important policy over the line. 

With enough public support, we can make sure default energy offers are:

 affordable, with a capped price

 available to everyone

 free from excessive marketing costs

 a safety net when you haven’t chosen an energy offer, or your previous contract has expired.


If you’ve moved home, or your energy contract has expired, chances are you’re on a standing offer. They’re designed for those of us who did not or could not make a choice about which energy contract they should go on. Unfortunately, while these contracts were designed to protect people, they’re actually penalising us for staying with our energy company. Energy companies can set the price of these contracts and have made them the most expensive prices on the market.

People need offers that provide proper protections, and a fair price. That’s why we’re calling for the government to end standing offers and introduce better energy offers instead.

The Federal Government is proposing new safe default energy offers, which is great news. We’re yet to see whether the State Ministers are on board, so we need to show our support for this important policy.

With 12.5% of people getting their energy through a standing offer, it’s fair to say these offers are pretty common. While you can choose to go on a standing offer, the most common way to enter into this type of energy contract is to default onto it – usually when a market contract ends, or when you’ve moved into a new property.

The ACCC has called for better, safer default offers to replace standing offer contracts. This new type of offer will include a cap on price, meaning that big energy companies can’t keep price gouging customers who end up on a default offer because they haven’t made a choice.

The regulator estimates that by banning standing offer contracts and introducing new default offers, people on current standing offers could save between $500 and $750 a year.

This policy will work if proper protections are in place to ensure consumers can easily access these better default offers and get a fair deal. We’re yet to see the detail on this policy, but if it’s implemented correctly, we know it'll make a difference for people.

The energy market is failing Australian households, who are paying 35% more for energy than they were a decade ago. Consumers are losing out and we need urgent action to make energy more affordable. Whether or not you shop around for energy, you deserve to be protected from paying exorbitant standing offer prices.

What supporters are saying

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Energy prices are already at extortionate rates for consumers.

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People are struggling to afford the everyday cost of living as it is.

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