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Can health star ratings be better?

Have you seen an unhealthy product with a high health star rating? Or a company not applying health star ratings honestly?


Have your say below and we’ll pull together the biggest issues with the system to tell the government which problems need to be fixed as part of their review.

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Make health stars work for you

Health stars are designed to make healthier choices easy at the supermarket.

But the system isn't perfect and with the government currently conducting a review, we have a big opportunity to make health stars work for you, not food companies.

Have you seen health star ratings in stores that don't seem right? Things like:

  • unhealthy products receiving a high star rating
  • companies who are not using health stars honestly
  • health star ratings that are hard to see or find
  • any other areas of concern

Based on your responses, we'll provide the government with a list of issues that need to be fixed as part of their review.


The Health Star Rating system rates the overall nutritional profile of a packaged food or beverage and assigns it a rating between 0.5 and 5 on the front of the pack. It’s a quick and easy way to compare similar products at the supermarket and make smarter choices. 

The rating is based on an algorithm that looks at overall kilojoules, then saturated fat, sodium and total sugars. The calculator then weighs these ‘negative’ aspects against a food product’s virtues – including its fruit and veg content, potential nuts or legumes, protein and in some cases, dietary fibre – to come up with an overall rating. 

Government monitoring of the system so far finds it’s mostly working well. Research confirms most people like health stars and want to see them rolled out across more products. And 1 in 3 people who are aware of health stars have used them to switch to a healthier product they wouldn’t normally buy.

But health stars can be made better, and that’s why we’re calling on the government to act.

Health stars should give you the power to make healthier choices, but some companies are gaming the system to make their products look better than they are.

Here are five changes we need to make the system better:

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