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Sign the joint statement calling on the government to pass strong Buy Now Pay Later consumer protections:

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CHOICE, in alliance with 11 other consumer organisations across the world, is calling on governments to ensure that the law protects consumers from the growing risks of Buy Now Pay Later loans.

Read the joint statement below and add your name:

As concerned consumers and organisations that represent the interests of consumers across Australia, the USA, EU and UK, we call on governments and regulators to protect consumers from risky Buy Now Pay Later loans, especially those most at risk of financial hardship.

Today, Buy Now Pay Later loans are becoming more popular than ever, leading millions of consumers around the world into unaffordable debt. Buy Now Pay Later companies exploit loopholes in consumer protection laws, posing serious financial risks to consumers. This means they don’t have to conduct even basic checks to ensure consumers can afford to repay the debts. 

Buy Now Pay Later companies are increasingly marketing their loans to pay for essential services like electricity and groceries and large expenses like household improvements, targeting those who are most at risk of financial hardship. Late fees charged to customers can also quickly add up to cost far more than other forms of credit. 

We’re calling on governments and regulators to strengthen consumer protections against growing risks of Buy Now Pay Later loans, including the following measures:

This joint statement is signed by:

With your support we can pressure governments and regulators across the world to ensure that consumers continue to be protected, without being exposed to additional risks when new products and services are introduced.  

The alliance of consumer rights organisations is already creating pressure on governments around the world. However, if thousands of Australian consumers like you will also add your name in support, it’ll be so much stronger. Add your name now.


Buy Now Pay Later companies offer loans, some up to $30,000, which are to be repaid in instalments. You may have seen them advertised in stores or online as a method of payment. They’re marketed as an alternative to credit cards, but they don’t carry the same consumer protections.

The same consumer protections that apply to credit cards and personal loans should apply to Buy Now Pay Later products. These include the requirement for lenders to do basic financial checks to ensure the loans they provide aren’t inappropriate for the consumer and that the consumer can actually repay it. Buy Now Pay Later companies should also have fair hardship policies, just like credit card and other loan providers.

91% of CHOICE supporters agree that Buy Now Pay Later companies should have the same consumer protections as credit cards and loans, like safe lending protections and fair hardship policies. Buy Now Pay Later companies shouldn’t get a free pass to sell people into unaffordable debt.

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