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Want to know how much sugar is added to your food? Make sure all State and Territory Food Ministers know you want added sugars to be clearly labelled.

Support clear labelling of added sugar

Want to know how much added sugar is hiding in your food? Right now it’s basically impossible to distinguish between sugars occurring naturally in foods and added sugar which has low or no nutritional benefits.

In Australia, food labels will only tell you the total sugar in a product, not the added stuff. And, you can't rely on the ingredient list because there are over 43 different names for added sugar. 

A new CHOICE investigation has found that added sugar labelling could help consumers avoid 26 teaspoons of unnecessary sugar per day and up to 38 kilograms of unnecessary sugar a year! 

At their most recent meeting, Food Ministers renewed their commitment to improve the health of Australians. They want to help people make healthy food choices. Sugar labelling is the first step to achieving this.

Tell Ministers that the first step to improving the health of Australians is through better sugar labelling. 

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